You could eat more of the foods you loved, while still losing body fat...


You slept better, were less stressed and had more energy to enjoy your life...


You knew exactly how much to eat see results and you enjoyed the plan so much you were motivated to do it!


You could look in the mirror and finally be happy with what you saw in the reflection & feel confident in your body and in yourself


Carb and sugar cravings didn't control you any longer and you could still eat them and lose weight!


Don't believe me?

  • Custom Calories 

  • Custom Macros (protein, fat and carbs)

  • Current Calorie/Food Audit

Everything inside your own, personalized Fat Loss Fix will be clearly laid out so you know exactly how to implement the plan as soon as you get it.


Which means you are on the fast track to losing fat, getting healthy and feeling energized..


...All while feeling satisfied and confident that you're on the right path to success!


I'm Taylor!


I'm a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, macro coach and healthy recipe developer who helps women lose weight in a healthy way so that they can feel better physically and emotionally while developing a better relationship with themselves and with food.


All of these certifications allow me to understand how food and exercise work in terms of fat loss and muscle gain and what gives me the ability to set your custom macros/calories strategically and expertly!


I can't wait to be your coach!  


Everything you'll receive when your grab your custom plan: